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As digital cameras and software packages become advanced, seemingly by the minute, it has become easier than ever to overlook the basic elements which have always resulted in the best photographs, no matter how fancy or primitive the camera itself Composition is the single most important aspect of creating great images, no matter what level of photographer you happen to be No amount of digital wizardry can turn a badly composed image into a picture you would want to display While many books on composition tend to overcomplicate the subject, this book breaks down everything you need to know into small, digestible chunks of information that you will actually remember once you re out and about taking pictures Instead of plodding through long and complex pages of text, this book supplements the necessary information, such as the basics of the rule of thirds and how to get good highlights and shadows, with tons of gorgeous, full color images that actually show you what to do and how to do it, rather than just telling you what to try You ll be amazed at the gorgeous images you ll create, whether your passion is for photographing your family, pets, travel adventures, nature, or anything else....

Title : Focus On Composing Photos: Focus on the Fundamentals (Focus On Series) (The Focus On Series)
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ISBN : 024081505X
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Focal Press 1 edition April 18, 2011
Number of Pages : 155 pages
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Focus On Composing Photos: Focus on the Fundamentals (Focus On Series) (The Focus On Series) Reviews

  • Mike
    2019-04-01 15:07

    I have almost finished reading this book (I'm in the epilogue) and I just can tell you that this is a great book for anyone who has little or even intermediate experience in photography. It comes with many pictures that can guide you through this fascinating world. The chapter I enjoyed the most was the fourth; Rules of composition; I've got to admit that I've always heard about the Rule of thirds, but never about the Gestalt theory or the Rule of Space. I also liked the leading lines chapter.

  • T. C. English
    2019-03-29 13:49

    If you, like me are at a place in your photographic life where photo composition and quality imaging is becoming more important, this book will help you down the path. Plenty of tips and guidelines, plus exercises. I've recently spent time with a photographer with six shows behind him, and had factoids I learned from reading the first four chapters I could share with him.

  • Mary k.
    2019-04-03 16:08

    needed this for my next photo class. it come highly recommended by former students as being a much appreciated resource.

  • RFranko
    2019-04-20 09:41

    Well illustrated and written. After reading I gave it as a gift to my daughter. Great book for basic composition without getting super technical or having to be a college Art or Design major.

  • Jay A. Kacena
    2019-04-11 12:48

    As a photographer and artist, I found the review of the fundamental rules of composition solid and well presented, I have used examples from the book with kids in my role as a 4H judge of photography and recommended it to others. In addition, I bought each of my grandchildren a copy for themselves.

  • Linda LaCroix
    2019-03-28 09:01

    Focus on Composing Photos has helped me to see the world differently, while definitely helping me to take better photographs. I am fairly new to photography, but my guess is that even those who have more experience and more knowledge would find it interesting. I keep going back to certain chapters when I am working on particular concepts. Quality of the paper and choice of illustrations is also of high.

  • Fiddleninja
    2019-04-01 12:48

    I really got a lot out of this book. I'm not new to photography, but I was fairly unversed in the techniques of composition. I feel like this book gave me a lot of tools and theory to work with.

  • Colin A. McKenzie
    2019-04-11 16:02

    Read this book over and over and it adds to my photography skills.