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Gloria Swanson defined what it meant to be a movie star, but her unforgettable role in Sunset Boulevard overshadowed the true story of her life Now Stephen Michael Shearer sets the record straight in the first in depth biography of the film legend.Swanson was Hollywood s first successful glamour queen Her stardom as an actress in the mid 1920s earned her millions of fans and millions of dollars Realizing her box office value early in her career, she took control of her life Soon she was not only producing her own films, she was choosing her scripts, selecting her leading men, casting her projects, creating her own fashions, guiding her publicity, and living an extravagant and sometimes extraordinary celebrity lifestyle She also collected a long line of lovers including Joseph P Kennedy and married men of her choosing including a French marquis, thus becoming America s first member of nobility As a devoted and loving mother, she managed a quiet success of raising three children Perhaps most important, as a keen businesswoman she also was able to extend her career than sixty years Her astounding comeback as Norma Desmond in Billy Wilder s Sunset Boulevard catapulted her back into the limelight But it also created her long misunderstood persona, one that this meticulous biography shows was only part of this independent and unparalleled woman....

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Gloria Swanson: The Ultimate Star Reviews

  • terroh
    2019-04-09 14:19

    I was looking forward to this book as little has been written about this great star except for her autobiography years ago. The book is well researched, but rather dull. I have to agree with other reviewers, it doesn't really bring its subject alive or explain why she was such a big star in her time. The author also has an annoying habit of picking apart statements from her memoir when he has no real proof they are untrue, its just his opinion. The last third of the book reads like a travelogue of where Gloria went, what she wore and what projects she didn't do. It gets very tedious. Worth reading for those who don't know much about this forgotten star, but not half as good as Gloria's memoirs. The definitive biography on Gloria has yet to be written, but this will do for now....

  • CJS
    2019-04-11 11:19

    I enjoyed reading this bio on actress Gloria Swanson and felt the author tracked down numerous sources. He certainly pointed out discrepancies between the facts and what Gloria reported in her own autobiography Swanson on Swanson. Additionally, he interviewed many who knew or worked with Swanson to get their take. Unlike the other reviewers, I felt you did get a picture of someone who worked her way up but then once she became a star, she really went overboard – not just with spending, but having herself carried to a film set in a sedan chair. As the films changed, she continued to ask for her high salary and had a hard time adjusting to less fame and less income. However, she always seemed to be doing her best to make money. At times she was working as a travel agent or with a line of clothes she had her name on. The success of Sunset Boulevard stereotyped her and after that she always seemed to be offered roles as a demented silent movie queen although she had a nice turn on Burke’s Law and the Carol Burnett show. Her interest in eating healthy and staying away from white sugar came years before the current trend. I think the end of the book said it best in that during her later years, the remaining silent stars (Chaplin, Pickford, etc.) looked up to her as being a true screen legend. I had no problems with the writing style and the footnotes and bibliography were well documented. The author let us know what happened to her children but I would have liked to have known if any of her grandchildren took up acting. I would have liked more photographs as well. Overall, I thought this gave you a good look at the early history of film and one of its most glamorous (Swanson herself hated being called that) stars.

  • New York Family
    2019-04-15 13:25

    If I never truly understood what it was to be a movie star. This detailed biography has well explained that. Very few biography's read like fiction but this one does. Easy to read and quite vivid. I found myself swept up in the story of Gloria Swanson life, loves and faults. Smiling at her triumphs and given pause at her thoughts. Such a wonderful companion to Swanson auto biographical tome "Swanson on Swanson" the writer is especially gentle in his exposing of some of Swanson half truths and comes across as a writer reporting his findings instead of trying to poke holes in a story we have come to love. A must read if you enjoy biography's of stars of a by gone era.

  • Donna Hill
    2019-04-01 13:41

    Really dreadful. Poorly written, poorly researched, endless plot recaps, lacking in depth. In no way can this be considered a definitive biography. Poor Gloria.

  • Jeanajoan
    2019-04-01 14:22

    This is the kind of bio I like--an almost daily fact-based portrait of a life. Unfortunately, Gloria Swanson's best attribute was survival, and I hope the author's next subject has a bit more charm.

  • David W.
    2019-04-21 08:17

    Tremendous detail of people and places, more than I needed, but maybe necessary to be complete. I thought it provided a great insight to the silent film era, and certainly gave the figures and I hope facts of her life. Maybe she was too enigmatic to nail down her true persona.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-03-26 12:17

    A truly wonderful book about the real queen of Hollywood. It was hard for me to put down this book because it was so interesting, but at the same time I hated for it to end. All of us people in the dark will always worship you Ms. Sawnson!

  • Tony Villecco
    2019-03-30 11:14

    Great record of one of America's biggest silent film stars and personalities